stress & perfectionism therapy in jacksonville,fl

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My guess is you're here because you've already tried every way you know.

First, you just kept pushing yourself, telling yourself that 'it' will pass. Then you thought if you could just be more disciplined or manage your time better, you'd be fine.

Oh, and let's not forget about the countless, sleepless nights you laid awake overanalyzing, playing out multiple scenarios in your head about how you were going to 'fix' your problems and thinking back on what you 'should' have said to put that person right in their place. 


You're  tired of being tired and you find yourself daydreaming of days when it wasn't this hard.

You had close friends you actually spent time with, you enjoyed meeting new people, there wasn't a challenge you couldn't completely nail... but now you're left wondering, "what happened?" 

You decided that you'd return to habits that worked for you in the past. Seemed simple enough, right?  Sure, except you became discouraged and distracted by the challenges of your current reality. It's like you're in this never-ending mental cycle of solving your problems, yet physically... stuck. 


If you're ready to:

get relief from feeling overwhelmed all the time

relax without feeling guilty 

get off auto pilot & truly connect with those around you

experience passion & excitement again