clinical supervision in jacksonville, fl

Clinical Supervision in Jacksonville, FL 32204, 32205, 32550. Qualified Supervisor for Registered Clinical Social Worker Interns.

Need those (seemingly countless) hours of supervision for licensure?

I remember that feeling. Working full-time, balancing what was left of my social life after graduation and then being tasked to fit in weekly supervision on my entry-level salary? Yep, I get it.

If you're a registered clinical social work intern looking to grow as a clinician with individualized, quality and affordable supervision- please, keep reading. If you're trying to find a supervisor to simply shoot the shit with you for an hour each week and blindly sign off on your hours, I wish you the best and encourage you to continue your search. 

Oh hey, you're still here. That's a good sign. It means that you're going to thrive in your career because you understand the value of investing in yourself. We have that in common. 


Quality supervision is essential to your growth as a clinician and necessary in order to provide ethical and effective treatment.  


I offer tiers of supervision to keep things affordable but also allow the option to have more individualized attention.

Interested in Group Supervision? Details below.

Group supervision affords next level growth opportunities for interns. Being surrounded by peers who work in diverse settings with diverse clinical populations provides you with opportunities and perspectives that you will not experience with individual supervision alone .

Group supervision is especially valuable for interns who are receiving individual supervision from a qualified supervisor onsite at their place of employment. Supervision on-site can naturally become rushed or agency focused because let’s face it, there’s work to be done. Believe me, I’ve worked in non-profits and agencies so I get it- however, I also know that this type of culture can hinder your creativity and growth as a clinician.

I believe that supervision can be so much more than just marking off your hours on a piece of paper- it’s an opportunity to hone your skill set and figure out which modalities suit your style as a therapist- all while relaxing in my beautiful downtown office!


Sound like a good fit? Contact me to inquire about availability or to schedule your free phone consultation!