boundaries & relationship therapy in jacksonville, fl

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Whether it's with the same person or versions of the same person…

You always seem to find yourself here. Hurt and confused but also... hopeful that they will come back. 

Your relationship has ended and it feels like you're the last one to find out...again. You know you don't deserve to be treated badly, yet you find yourself making excuses for this person's behavior.

Over and over again. 

 They leave and then they come back, telling you everything that you want to hear. It feels good and you find yourself focusing on the few times they were decent to you. Those moments become exaggerated and the temptation of getting back together is… attractive. 


Much more attractive than being alone. Again. 

 Your friends and family have been quite vocal about their feelings and have told you over and over that you deserve better.

 You hear them but deep down inside you question it. 

You wonder, "What if I don’t deserve better? Will anyone ever love me?" 

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If you're ready to:

Break this exhausting & painful cycle

Feel confident & happy whether or not you're in a romantic relationship

Not feel guilty when you ask for what you need or when you say "no"

Step into your power and change the way you see yourself