betrayal & resentment therapy in jacksonville, fl

Therapy for life transitions, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy cycles, loss, forgiving self and shame in Jacksonville, FL 32204, 32205, 32550

Things seemed to be somewhat stable. Sure, it wasn't perfect but you were managing. Then it's as if you blinked and when you opened your eyes, you didn't recognize your life anymore. 

You're preoccupied with thoughts about the event, leaving you unfocused at work and completely disconnected from those around you. It's like you see people talking but you aren't tuned in, only catching enough words here and there to respond so they don't know how far away you are. You spend most of your day wishing everyone would just leave you the hell alone but once you're actually alone, you're wishing you had some distraction from the pain.

Some days you feel completely out of control- in a constant battle of holding back tears or saying hurtful things to people close to you while other days you feel eerily numb. You worry this is your new normal and wonder if it will ever get better.

I understand that you want to get back to where you were before your life was turned upside down. I can help you navigate through and make sense of your current reality. You will be stronger on the other side of this and you don't have to feel like this for a minute longer.

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