addiction therapy in jacksonville, fl

Jacksonville, FL 32204, 32205, 32250. Recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism, substance use disorders. Relapse Prevention. Aftercare plan.

You made the commitment to go into substance abuse treatment. Perhaps a loved one insisted it was time or you were so tired of the unmanageability that you made the appointment yourself. You've completed your treatment goals and are ready to return back to your "normal" routine but there's that tiny voice in your head asking, "but what if I'm not ready?".  You haven't talked about these doubts out loud but that voice is getting louder as you think about balancing work, family and a social life... all while staying sober.  

Navigating the transition from inpatient treatment back home is much like a roller coaster and having a support system is key. You've gone from spending several hours a day in therapy right back to the many demands of life, leaving little time for self-reflection. Having a therapist who specializes in treating addiction and substance use disorders as part of your support system is a critical component of your relapse prevention plan and imperative for your continued growth. 

It's not just about white knuckling it through your days so that you don't drink or use, you want to live your life and continue to change destructive behaviors. Long-term recovery is possible for you. 

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